The following links are recommended by the author.

The Theropod Database Blog is my blog for this site, with updates before they get uploaded here, in addition to commentary on recent finds.

The Theropod Archives might as well be the sister site to mine. Find every publically available theropod pdf out there.

Graeme T. Lloyd's Matrices is an extremely useful compendium of basically every data matrix ever published for phylogenetic analyses, in formats ready to be plugged into PAUP.

The Archives of the Dinosaur Mailing List, the best way to stay current on dinosaur information, and ask professional paleontologists themselves for information. is the best source of online information for Mesozoic tetrapods.

fossilworks' Gateway to the Paleobiology Database is the next best source of such info, and extends to all fossil taxa.

DinoHunter contains an excellent listing of recent publications.

Dinosaur Genera List, the most complete and up to date list of dinosaurian taxa online, until mine's finished of course. :-)

Mikko's Phylogeny Archive has a cladogram of everything, or at least tries hard to reach that goal.

The Polyglot Paleontologist contains English translations of numerous foreign technical articles.

SAPE links has an exhaustive list of fossil bird articles available online.

The Tree of Life Web Project, which could eventually be the best online source of biological data (though seemingly not updated since 2011, hmmm...).

Phylocode, the biological taxonomic system of the future.

ICZN, the zoological taxonomic system of the present.

PAUP* 4.0, get PAUP and make cladograms.

TNT, or get TNT and make cladograms faster and cheaper.

Journal Links, the best source for technical journal websites I know.

The Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates, as long as it wasn't published in 1969-1980, or since 1993, it's probably here.


For some paleoart I find accurate, visit-

Scott Hartman's skeletal reconstructions are amazing and accurate.

John Conway has some of the best paleoart I've seen.

Ville Sinkkonen's life restorations are excellent.

Alain Beneteau's recent work would surely qualify to be described by a synonym for 'good' as well.