Note links in previous entries are not updated when taxa are moved between pages, but that the Alphabetized Taxon List can always be used to find any taxon quickly.

1-1-17- After a lack of updates due to the Lori project, here's the year's other new theropods- Gualicho (including the immediately synonymized Aoniraptor), Wiehenvenator, Taurovenator, Murusraptor, Beipiaognathus, Rativates, Apatoraptor, Tongtianlong, Monoenantiornis, Changzuiornis (immediately synonymized with Juehuaornis) and Tingmiatornis. Updated the Altispinax and "Megalosaurus" dunkeri entries (whew!) after Maisch's (2016) study, and the official renaming of Bellulia to Bellulornis.

4-1-16- Added Ignavusaurus (as a junior synonym of Massospondylus), Timurlengia and Hesperornis "lumgairi". Minor 2016 paper updates.

3-5-16- Added Arcusaurus, Nambalia, Jaklapallisaurus, Leyesaurus, Chuxiongosaurus, Aardonyx, Leonerasaurus, Nebulasaurus, Omeisaurus jiaoi, Xinjiangtitan, Zby, Comahuesaurus, Katepensaurus, Tataouinea, Kaatedocus, Abydosaurus, Cedarosaurus, Arkharavia, Normanniasaurus, Angolatitan, Gannansaurus, Rugocaudia, Sauroposeidon, Astrophocaudia, Yunmenglong, Brasilotitan, Drusilasaura, Traukutitan, Atsinganosaurus, Atacamatitan, Petrobrasaurus, Argyrosaurus, Tapuiasaurus, Elaltitan, Yongjinglong, Viavenator and Fukuivenator. Updated Lirainosaurus. Ceratosaurian phylogeny updated after Filippi et al. (2016), and tyrannosauroid phylogeny after Brusatte and Carr (2016).

2-3-16- Added Meroktenos, Sefapanosaurus, Pulanesaura, Huangshanlong, Qijianglong, Leinkupal, Galeamopus, Haestasaurus, Padillasaurus, Vahiny, Tambatitanis, Rukwatitan, Quetecsaurus, Dreadnoughtus, Notocolossus, Dracoraptor, "Tiantaiosaurus", Chongmingia, Chiappeavis (immediately synonymized with Pengornis), Linyiornis, Yuanjiawaornis, Dingavis (immediately synonymized with Juehuaornis) and "Bellulornis." Updated "Yunxianosaurus" and Ceratosaurus.

1-1-16- Added Stremmeia, Boreonykus and Feitianius. Updated paravian phylogeny with comments in taxon entries. DOI references updated with details.

12-2-15- Added Lepidocheirosaurus (immediately synonymized with Kulindadromeus), "Osteoporosia", "Alamotyrannus", "Maroccanoraptor" and Fumicollis. Updated all references for Tyrannosauroidea, Ornithomimosauria and Alvarezsauroidea with complete details. Updated basal maniraptoriform, therizinosaur and oviraptorosaur phylogeny. Minor 2015 paper updates.

11-1-15- Added Tototlmimus, Dakotaraptor and all Mesozoic theropod abstracts from SVPs 2005 and 2004, and Jornadas Argentinas de Paleontología de Vertebrado 2015.

10-20-15- Updated Aves phylogeny after Prum et al. (2015). Added all Mesozoic theropod abstracts from SVP 2015 and more 2015 references.

9-17-15- Added Kuphus? putzeri (= Succinodon), "Tapinosaurus" (probably Pliosaurus), "Cetiosaurus" rigauxi (also Pliosaurus), Hyperodapedon fischeri (= Scaphonyx), Clepsysaurus? fraserianus, Eucnemesaurus entaxonis and Pterygornis. Updated "Archaeornithomimus" bissektensis, and added many other updates, mostly to the non-saurischian section.

8-1-15- Added Dromomeron romeri, Lepidus, Huanansaurus, Zhenyuanlong and Cratoavis. Updated Albertosaurus, plus other entries.

6-22-15- Added Chilesaurus, Saurornitholestes? sullivani, Yi, Dunhuangia, Parapengornis (immediately synonymized with Pengornis), Houornis (was Cathayornis caudatus), Juehuaornis and Archaeornithura. Updated Apatodon, Camptonotus amplus (synonymized with Allosaurus fragilis; so soon after my December allosaurid evaluation!), Tsaagan, Cathayornis and Holbotia (finally officially described). Changed Aves phylogeny after Jarvis et al. (2014) and added all new sauropodomorph taxa to the cladogram. Added all Mesozoic theropod abstracts from SVP 2006, 2007 and 2014. There are a ton of other updates as well, from a wide variety of resources.

1-10-15- Added Panguraptor, Tachiraptor, Fosterovenator, "Yuanmouraptor", Allosaurus lucasi (immediately synonymized with Allosaurus fragilis), Datanglong, "Zunityrannus", "Saltillomimus", Changyuraptor, Jeholornis curvipes (immediately synonymized with Jixiangornis), Eopengornis, Grabauornis and Iteravis zheni (a new combination for the immediately synonymized new species Iteravis huchzermeyeri and Gansus zheni). Revised Liliensternus, Coelophysis? rhodesiensis, "Elaphrosaurus" iguidiensis, Deltadromeus, Monolophosaurus, Spinosaurus, Bahariasaurus, Allosaurus? ferox, "Camptonotus" amplus, Creosaurus, Epanterias, Labrosaurus, Allosaurus (HUGE update; including the newly synonymized "Wyomingraptor" and "Madsenius"), Deinocheirus, Valdoraptor, Thecocoelurus, Kuszholia, Itemirus and "Saurornitholestes" robustus. Added all Mesozoic theropod abstracts from SVP 2008 and 2009, updating a ton of entries as always. Finally updated basal coelurosaur phylogeny.

5-24-14- Added Qianzhousaurus, Evgenavis, Fortunguavis, Tianyuornis and Lamarqueavis. Added evaluations of Russell and Dong (1994) and Hou et al. (1996). Added all Mesozoic theropod abstracts from SVP 2010 and 2011, which again affected many taxa. Updated all references from Theropoda to Carnosauria with complete details. Updated Masiakasaurus specimens from Carrano et al. (2011).

4-1-14- Added Anzu. Added all Mesozoic theropod abstracts from SVP 2013 and 2012, which updated a ton of taxa. Updated Chingkankousaurus, Arcovenator with official publication, unnamed tyrannosaurid specimens with the proper formatting, and Deinonychus and Hesperornis with preserved elements for YPM specimens not listed in papers (from the online collections catalogue). Updated all entries to reflect what are actually paratypes vs. referred specimens. Updated all references that were only published online with DOIs with final pagination.

3-18-14- Added the new theropods Torvosaurus gurneyi (which was already here as Torvosaurus sp.) and Nanuqsaurus. Finished the Mesozoic Aves section, adding Lonchodytes, Tytthostonyx, Graculavus, Telmatornis, "Lonchodytes" pterygius and some unnamed forms. Also worked on the sauropodomorph section, completely revamping the cladogram with an updated phylogeny and basically all valid species. Added Panphagia, Pampadromaeus, Chromogisaurus and Saturnalia. Finally, Saltopus and Nyasasaurus were added, and Teyuwasu and Eoraptor were updated significantly.

2-17-14- Updated with all 2014 papers. Thus we have Gobivenator, Parabohaiornis, Longusunguis and Parvavis. Also, updates of Tyrannotitan, Yixianosaurus, Zhongornis, "Holbotia", Pengornis, Bohaiornis and Hongshanornis, and teeth from Hendrickx and Mateus (2014) who corroborate my placement of Richardoestesia in Dromaeosauridae. Finally, I forgot to note last time that Vitakridrinda has been updated along with crocodiliform phylogeny.

1-1-14- As usual, for as much as I neglect this site, I do like to have all new taxa added by the new year. And unlike last year, I've done it! Dahalokely, "Arcovenator", Siats, Aorun, Yutyrannus, Juratyrant (officially), Lythronax, Jianchangosaurus, Ningyuansaurus, Ganzhousaurus, Leptorhynchos, Yulong, Nankangia, Wulatelong, Jiangxisaurus, Aurornis, Eosinopteryx, Acheroraptor, Yurgovuchia, Xinghaiornis, Shengjingornis, Gobipipus (finally official!), Xiangornis, Zhouornis, Jiuquanornis, Piscivoravis, Schizooura, Yumenornis, Changmaornis and Yanornis guozhangi have all been added. If I've missed any taxa published by 2013, do tell. Other changes are minor, with the reorganization of abelisauroids after the Dahalokely analysis being the most important. There's a lot that needs to be done- updating Eoraptor after the Sereno et al. (2013) monograph, revising Allosaurus, getting basal tyrannosauroids in Tyrannosauroidea since I provisionally agree proceratosaurids and such belong there now, moving Chingkankousaurus into Tyrannosauroidea based on Brusatte et al. (2013), adding Nanotyrannus synonymy info after Larson (2013), lots of Lori-based paravian reorganization that won't be seen till publication, new Bissekty Paronychodon and Richardoestesia teeth from Sues and Averianov (2013), updating birds redescribed by O'Connor, etc..

2-10-13- Well, due to moving and joining a pre-existing Comcast account, the eoraptor directory for the old site can't be used any longer. Luckily, Nick Gardner was nice enough to let me relocate to a domain he owns. The downside is all previously posted links to the site will no longer work. I've updated the contents a lot since the last update, though not as much as I'd like due to time spent coding for the Lori analysis mostly. One negative of not having the old site working is that I'm not quite sure what is new to this update, so I may miss some details. Megalosaurus? monasterii, Camarillasaurus, Ostafrikasaurus, Eoabelisaurus, Ichthyovenator, Piatnitzkysauridae, Sauroniops, Bicentenaria, Sciurumimus, Hexing, Alnashetri, Martharaptor, Philovenator, Sulcavis, Brodavis americanus, B? baileyi and B? mongoliensis were added. "Megalosaurus" woodwardi, "Dilophosaurus" sinensis, "Megalosaurus" insignis, "Megalosaurus" pombali, Ozraptor, Walgettosuchus, Kryptops, Kaijiangosaurus, "Megalosaurus" pannoniensis, Marshosaurus, Streptospondylus? cuvieri, "Tyrannosaurus" "lanpingensis", Erectopus, Yangchuanosaurus, Iliosuchus, "Allosaurus" sibiricus, Rapator, Scipionyx, Timimus, Sinovenator, Sinornithosaurus, Microraptor (including the immediately synonymized M. hanqingi) and Adasaurus were updated significantly. Carrano et al.'s (2012) HUGE Tetanurae paper was incorporated, which revised numerous non-coelurosaurian tetanurines and changed their phylogeny. It also added phylogenetic commentary and many unnamed specimens, though I have yet to finish the latter section. Turner et al.'s (2012) dromaeosaurid information was incorporated, as was Martyniuk's (2012) nomenclature and definitions. I have better ideas about a lot of the coelurosaur phylogeny, but want to wait till Lori is published for that (ditto for details on the TWG matrix evaluations). Evaluations of Russell and Dong (1994), Chiappe et al. (1998), Forster et al. (1998) and Smith et al. (2007) are partially done but not yet finished and uploaded. Finally, there are seven new taxa in the cladogram that don't have entries yet.

3-14-12- "Syntarsus" "mexicanum" , Vitakrisaurus added. Vitakridrinda updated. Oviraptorids updated with phylogeny and measurements from Fanti et al. (2011).

12-31-11- Happy new year! Daemonosaurus, "Nototyrannus", Veterupristisaurus, Zhuchengtyrannus, Bonapartenykus, Linhenykus, Albinykus, Ojoraptorsaurus (Epichirostenotes was just sunk into Chirostenotes, though I do include commentary on why), Pamparaptor, Xiaotingia, Linhevenator, Talos, Jeholornis palmapenis (immediately synonymized with Shenzhouraptor sinensis), Qiliania, Gracilornis, Camptodontus, Mystiornis, Samrukia (a THIRD taxon trashed before it was featured), Volgavis, Teviornis, "Cimolopteryx" minima and "Cimolopteryx" petra (the latter two thanks to Longrich's work, which also led to other avian additions) were added. Bohaiornis was made official. Rauhut's (2011) Tendaguru data was added, much improving the entries of Ceratosaurus? roechlingi and "Megalosaurus" ingens and moving lots of specimens off to unnamed entries, though Allosaurus" tendagurensis didn't change much. Taxa like Scipionyx and many oviraptorids have been updated with measurements. Specimen data from Xu's (2002) thesis has also been added. I moved a lot of paravians to Paraves incertae sedis, as my TWG work has shown that many of the codings in the combined TWG matrix I used forn my previous topology were wrong. More finalized positions await my in progress study, which goes for all of Coelurosauria actually. What's next? Finishing that matrix for publication, getting the rest of the Mesozoic avians added, adding more sauropodomorphs... it never ends.

3-29-11- Eodromaeus and Oxalaia added, with additional information added on basal saurischians/theropods and Spinosauridae updated (thanks in large part to Bertin, 2010).

3-26-11- Time to expand the Theropod Database and make its name less accurate- by adding sauropodomorphs! Today's launch consists of a bare bones phylogeny and taxonomic outline, with included genera generally being those used in published analyses or those with eponymous higher taxa. All the proposed suprageneric taxa have basic entries with definitions, synonyms and references. The cladogram mostly reflects the latest analyses, with the basal sauropodomorph area based on my combining all of the variations on Yates' (2007) analysis that have been published. Taxa which have not been incorporated into published analyses are pretty generally placed until I'm able to finish a matrix of my own. There's no need to list which taxa have entries here, since the entire section is new. Just check out the cladogram. Of the several new theropods named since January, only Teratophoneus has been added since its unnamed entry from Carr's thesis was already there anyway.

1-01-11- Hey look, a timely update! I finished all the taxa named by the end of 2010. This includes Qiupalong, Geminiraptor, Flexomornis, Huoshanornis, Shenqiornis, and the El Brete enantiornithines Elbretornis, Martinavis? minor, M? saltariensis and M? whetstonei. I also updated the Enantiornis and Intiornis entries.

12-03-10- Okay, updated once more. Remember, I post many of the updates to the blog before they appear here, hence my not feeling too bad about the lax update schedule. The huge news this time is a brand new section- Ex-Theropod Taxa, which will cover all taxa ever thought to be theropods. I'm excited about writing this section because I'm not familiar with most of the taxa until I research them, so I'm learning quite a bit. Far too often, ex-dinosaurs get ignored by both dinosaur experts and whatever group they end up belonging to, leading to only a superficial knowledge of what they are. Ex-theropods which I've previously covered on my blog include Priscavolucris, the Kota bird, Bathygnathus, "Yezosaurus", Rachitrema, Actiosaurus, Patricosaurus, Megalancosaurus, Longisquama, Gwyneddosaurus, Ankistrodon, "Likhoelesaurus", Tanystrosuchus and Arctosaurus. Ex-theropods which have significant entries that haven't made it to the blog includde Coelurosauravus, Spinosuchus, Pneumatoarthrus, Tanystropheus, Teratosaurus? bengalensis, Avalonianus, "Cinizasaurus", "Cryptoraptor", Sinosaurus? "shawanensis", Trialestes, Sinocoelurus, Teyuwasu, Eucoelophysis, Apatodon, "Troodon" isfarensis, Gresslyosaurus, Eucnemesaurus and Gryponyx. I also moved herrerasaurids and other controversial basal saurischians to the ex-theropod page, since it more accurately reflects their position. Among these, Sanjuansaurus was added, and Eoraptor and Herrerasaurus both got huge makeovers. Okay, but what about theropods themselves? Tawa was finally added, as was Kayentavenator, and the Coelophysis entry was updated. "Coelurosaurus", "Carnosaurus", Concavenator, Zuolong, Machairasaurus, Balaur, Bauxitornis, "Confuciusornis" jianchengensis, Intiornis, Palintropus, Anatalavis, Neogaeornis, Polarornis and Cimolopteryx were added. Rahiolisaurus was updated, and Cathayornis was separated from Sinornis after O'Connor and Dyke (2010). Finally, I added the evaluations of Perez-Moreno et al.'s (1994) analysis of Pelecanimimus' position, Chiappe and Calvo's (1994) major analysis of bird phylogeny and the massive effort that is Holtz's (1994) famed theropod analysis. What's in store for the future? Adding Ezcurra's (2010) and Nesbitt et al.'s (2010) data to the saurischian supermatrix which will let me add the character evidence for conflicting hypotheses to the entries of herrerasaurids, Eoraptor, Chindesaurus, Guaibasaurus, etc., evaluating some more modern analyses like Smith et al. (2007) or the TWG matrix, adding more archosaurian ex-theropods, making the cladogram reflect the data better when competing topologies are poorly distinguished by parsimony, and fleshing out entries to include more commentary and characters (both for diagnoses and for alternative placements for taxa).

5-18-10- Well, that update took a while, didn't it? But it was worth it. If you haven't seen it already, check out The Theropod Database Blog. I added an entirely new section to this website- Evaluating Phylogenetic Analyses. All named non-avian avepods are now online! New taxa include Austrocheirus, "Rahiolisaurus", Cruxicheiros, Leshansaurus, Raptorex, Sinotyrannus, Bistahieversor, Kileskus, Haplocheirus, Xixianykus, Luoyanggia, Banji, Pneumatoraptor, Tianyuraptor, Linheraptor, Dromaeosaurus, Utahraptor, Xixiasaurus, Jianchangornis and Longicrusavis. Taxa which have been significantly updated include Sarcosaurus, Dilophosaurus "breedorum", Megalosaurus? "tibetensis", "Merosaurus", "Ngexisaurus", Chuandongocoelurus, "Allosaurus" tendagurensis, Megalosaurus "dapukaensis", "Metriacanthosaurus" "reynoldsi", "Poekilopleuron" schmidti, Prodeinodon? "tibetensis", "Saltriosaurus", Megalosaurus, "Megalosaurus" "phillipsi", Microvenator? "chagyabi", Embasaurus, Alioramus (including A. altai as a junior synonym of A. remotus), Elaphrosaurus "philtippettensis" (as a junior synonym of Tanycolagreus). Basal Tetanurae and Megalosauroidea have been completely reorganized to reflect Benson's (2010) and Benson et al.'s (2010) new data, and Megaraptora has been formed within Coelurosauria. Alvarezsauroidea has also been reorganized with revised diagnoses. In addition, I've made sure all family-level names are valid according to ICZN Article 13.1.1. Things to do include finishing evaluating Holtz's (1994) analysis; reorganizing Dromaeosauridae now that I've incorporated the Tianyuraptor, new Anchiornis and Hesperonychus data; getting the ex-Theropoda section uploaded; adding Tawa with Nesbitt et al.'s data, ceratosaur data and more carnosaurs to the saurischian supermatrix to update those topologies; adding the rest of the Mesozoic Aves; and eventually incorporating all the new data from basal tyrannosauroids and proceratosaurids to reorganize that section.

10-18-09- This is the major bird update. I added Sapeornis angustis (as a junior synonym of S. chaoyangensis), Zhongjianornis, Hollanda, Enantiophoenix, Pengornis, "Bohaiornis", Shanweiniao, Rapaxavis, Alethoalaornis, Cathayornis? chabuensis, Martinavis, M? vincei, Paraprotopteryx, Gargantuavis, Yanornis, Yixianornis, Songlingornis, Eurolimnornis, Palaeocursornis, Gansus, Horezmavis, Potamornis, Enaliornis barretti, E? sedgwicki, E? seeleyi, Pasquiaornis hardiei, P? tankei, Judinornis, Parascaniornis, Baptornis advenus, "B." varneri, Parahesperornis, Canadaga, Hesperornis bairdi, H? macdonaldi, H? mengeli, H. altus, H. montanus, H. gracilis, H. chowi, H. regalis, H. crassipes, H. rossicus, Apsaravis, Limenavis and Qinornis. Additionally, I synonymized Didactylornis with Sapeornis, updated Anchiornis slightly with the new specimen, redid the Enantiornithes phylogeny to better express how uncertain it is, and updated the ornithuromorph phylogeny based on combining most recent bird analyses and making the first phylogenetic analysis of hesperornithines. This necessitated moving Apatornis, Iaceornis, Limenavis, Piksi and Qinornis to Aves. The other portion to this update was adding Agnosphitys and Guaibasaurus, though a new SVP abstract suggests these are basal sauropodomorphs in a family with Panphagia and Saturnalia. Numerous small updates were made throughout the site as well. I'll probably wait until Benson's in press Megalosaurus paper is out to update the tetanurine phylogeny, as his new paper combining Megaraptor, Neovenator, Chilantaisaurus, Fukuiraptor, "Allosaurus" "robustus", Australovenator, Orkoraptor and Aerosteon into a Neovenatoridae within carcharodontosaurs uses this matrix (though without defining the characters, meaning it's useless without the Megalosaurus paper). Thus next is either Paraves phylogeny with Tianyuraptor and the new Anchiornis data added or basal Coelurosauria with Raptorex and Sinotyrannus added.

8-06-09- This update was mostly to add the numerous new non-avialan taxa which have piled up since about February. This means I added Limusaurus, Kemkemia, Skorpiovenator, Shidaisaurus, Australovenator, Xiongguanlong, Beishanlong, Kol, Nothronychus? graffami, and Hesperonychus. Also, I cleaned up the entry on Erectopus, making it much less confusing. The Szechuanosaurus? skeleton of Dong et al. (1983) and S? zigongensis don't appear to be the same taxon (contra Chure, 2000), so I separated their entries. Shaochilong replaced "Alashansaurus" and both it and Labocania were updated a bit and moved to Carcharodontosauridae. I also updated the Neovenator entry with information from Brusatte et al. (2008). Fukuiraptor got a small update, and "Allosaurus" robustus got a large one. Kinnareemimus replaced "Ginnareemimus" and received a large update. Therizinosauria got a massive update thanks to Zanno (2008), including diagnoses and added details for most taxa, and a new phylogeny. Variraptor's entry was updated after Chanthasit and Buffetaut (2009). Zanabazar replaced Saurornithoides junior and both it and Saurornithoides mongoliensis were updated. Finally, I added entries with tons of details for several basal ornithuromorphs- Chaoyangia, Ambiortus, Patagopteryx and Alamitornis, while updating the entries for Archaeorhynchus and Hongshanornis. Upcoming updates include a reorganization of basal tetanurines with a reinstatement of Megalosauroidea, a reorganization of basal coelurosaurs and basal tyrannosauroids thanks to the data in the Xiongguanlong paper, a reorganization of dromaeosaurids thanks to the Hesperonychus paper's data, and getting the new enantiornithines done as well as more ornithuromorphs. Not that it will all happen in one update...

6-09-09- The roadtrip was great, especially going behind the scenes at the AMNH. But alas, this update does not include the results of incorporating the Hesperonychus and Anchiornis matrices. Instead, you get a completed basal Avialae. As I write more entries for this cite, I tend to get more detailed and add more aspects. One thing I added this time around was diagnoses for ornithurine taxa, noting which characters previous diagnoses have used too, and why some are invalid. Hopefully all species and clades will get this treatment eventually. The entries for Epidexipteryx and Scansoriopteryx are pretty short, though I do add why the latter isn't called Epidendrosaurus and comment on Czerkas' crazy ideas. Archaeopteryx got a HUGE entry which really digs deep into the taxonomic issue of how many species are represented and lists more references (171!) than any other taxon on this site. I also dealt with other supposed archaeopterygids, including the Tandaguru carpometacarpus (Avialae incertae sedis) and the Guimarota teeth (Paraves incertae sedis). Shenzhouraptor's entry explains in depth why it is a senior synonym of Jeholornis. Jixiangornis' entry on the other hand, explains why that taxon isn't the same as Jeholornis. Yandangornis was added. I synonymize Omnivoropteryx with Sapeornis, and also discuss the new provisionally vaid Didactylornis. My "Proornis" entry is much better than my old "Details on Proornis" from the DML. I detailed why Zhongornis is probably a juvenile Confuciusornis, and sunk Eoconfuciusornis into Confuciusornis too, as C. zhengi. C. fedduciai was retained as valid, though I added information and streamlined the entries for C. chuonzhous, C. suniae and Jinzhouornis (J. yixianensis is now synonymized with C. sanctus too). C. sanctus itself got its entry fleshed out with most of the published specimens that have been referred to it, out of thousands of unpublished ones. Other random birdy entries include the feather or cycad Praeornis, the caenagnathid Kuszholia, the ornithothoracine Platanavis, the nomen nudum "Zhyraornis" and the valid carinate Zhyraornis, both Z. kashkarovi and Z. logunovi. Various other bits of bird were added too, along with other random updates like adding Tyrannosaurus "vannus" as a synonym in the T. rex entry.

3-26-09- Finished the Ornithomimosauria section, which means you get Pelecanimimus, Harpymimus, Shenzhousaurus, Garudimimus, "Grusimimus", "Coelosaurus", Dromiceiomimus (not a junior synonym of Ornithomimus), Struthiomimus, Gallimimus, "Orcomimus", Ornithomimus, Ornithomimus? (not Struthiomimus) sedens and Archaeornithomimus, along with loads of unnamed specimens and updates to taxa that already had entries (especially "Gallimimus" "mongoliensis" and Anserimimus). The phylogeny is based on adding Kobayashi's (2004) characters to the revised Senter matrix, along with characters suggested by Russell (1972) and DeCourten and Russell (1985) to be taxonomically useful. Also found some taxa that I kicked out of Ornithomimosauria, including "Dryosaurus" grandis (which you know as [Archae]Ornithomimus affinis), "Ginnareemimus" and Dryptosaurus? macropus, along with some tyrannosauroid fragments. And now I'm going on a road trip until May, so don't expect the next update (incorporating the Anchiornis and Hesperonychus matrices) to be up until at least then.

2-20-09- Fragmentary tyrannosaurid taxa were heavily revised, including Aublysodon? lateralis, Deinodon horridus, Deinodon? falculus, D? hazenianus, "Albertosaurus" incrassatus and Aublysodon mirandus. Aublysodon amplus and A. cristatus were sunk into Tyrannosaurus, while Deinodon? kenabekides was sunk into D. horridus. Alvarezsaurid phylogeny was updated using the addition of Ceratonykus and outgroups to Longrich and Currie's (2008) matrix, and Ceratonykus was added, along with updated diagnoses for most taxa. Aniksosaurus, Nqwebasaurus and questionably Rapator were moved to Alvarezsauridae (partially due to Cau, online 2009). Therizinosaur phylogeny was updated using the combined matrices of Senter (2007), Zanno (2006) and Clark et al. (2004), and Suzhousaurus' entry was updated after Li et al. (2008). Oviraptorosaur phylogeny was updated based on adding a number of taxa and characters to Senter's (2007) matrix, and Similicaudipteryx was added. Laelaps cristatus was added just to be sunk into Troodon formosus. Dromaeosauridae was updated a lot, with the phylogeny updated (again based on my version of Senter's matrix), paronychodonts removed to Troodontidae (after Hwang, 2007), "Airakoraptor" sunk into Velociraptor, "Laelaps" explanatus and "L." laevifrons sunk into Saurornitholestes, and "Ichabodcraniosaurus", Velociraptor, Saurornitholestes and Deinonychus added. Anchiornis was added.

11-24-08- Added Duriavenator, Stokesosaurus langhami, Aerosteon and Lenesornis. Completely revised non-maniraptoran coelurosaur phylogeny to be in line with my new version of Senter's (2007) analysis, where I added over 60 taxa and 60 characters, including all proposed tyrannosauroid characters of recently discovered taxa like Dilong and Guanlong, and characters that have been used to place Bagaraatan and Tugulusaurus in various positions. I also updated the entries for many basal coelurosaurs and added some unnamed basal coelurosaurs too, such as NGMC 2124 and the Zuni taxon.

9-17-08- Added Phaedrolosaurus, "Tonouchisaurus", Huaxiagnathus, Proceratosaurus, Nedcolbertia, Orkoraptor, Ornitholestes, Santanaraptor, Sinosauropteryx, Scipionyx, Ilerdopteryx and Cretaaviculus. Minor updates to other coelurosaurs were also made. Also updated "Labrosaurus" "huene" yet again, since I received a copy of Huene's 1958 paper.

9-13-08- Added Berberosaurus, Kryptops, Eocarcharia and Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis. Updated the "Labrosaurus" "huene" and "Ornithocheirus" hilsensis entries since I was able to check their original references. Completely redid the Carnosauria, "Megalosauroidea" and basal Tetanurae portions of the cladogram, to be in line with new studies (e.g. Smith et al., 2008). Specifically, Megalosaurus was moved to Tetanurae incertae sedis, Erectopus and Streptospondylus were moved to basal Tetanurae, Lourinhanosaurus and Monolophosaurus were moved to be spinosauroid-grade tetanurines, Megaraptor was made the spinosauroids' sister group and Marshosaurus was placed into Sinraptoridae. Megalosauroidea was dismantled into Spinosauria and Eustreptospondylinae, and carcharodontosaurid relationships were revised (based partly on data from Brusatte and Sereno, 2008). Ceratosaur relationships were also slightly changed (after Carrano and Sampson, 2008), though most data from that paper still needs to be incorporated.

9-11-08- Added some of the most obscure theropod taxa- Chingkankousaurus, "Futabasaurus", "Katsuyamasaurus", Kelmayisaurus? "gigantus", "Labrosaurus" "huene", "Megalosaurus" lonzeensis, "Ornithocheirus" hilsensis, "Ngexisaurus dapukaensis", "Sidormimus", "Mifunesaurus", "Kagasaurus", "Sanchusaurus" and "Kitadanisaurus". I synonymized a couple of nomina nuda too- Szechuanosaurus "yandonensis" into "Szechuanoraptor" zigongensis and "Tsuchikurasaurus" into Fukuiraptor. I also updated the Marshosaurus, Megaraptor, Sigilmassasaurus and Tyrannosaurus entries.

8-21-08- Updated Alvarezsauridae with a new phylogeny, Achillesaurus, Albertonykus and other details. Moved Rapator to Coelurosauria, made minor changes to some spinosaurids, and added a lot of new names to the cladogram but haven't updated the phylogeny in most areas (mainly Ceratosauria, Carnosauria and Avialae) or added entries for them yet. Also updated the Links page with functional links.

8-18-08- Updated Megalosauroidea to have a phylogeny more in line with current ideas, added Siamosaurus? fusuiensis, and separated Suchosaurus girardi from S. cultridens and added info about both. Added a lot of unnamed baryonychine specimens, synonymized Suchomimus with Cristatusaurus after researching the issue, updated the info on Eustreptospondylus thanks to Sadlier et al.'s (2008) new paper, and made other minor updates to the page. I moved Chilantaisaurus and Piveteausaurus out of Megalosauroidea based on my current studies.

8-12-08- The Theropod Database is back online! Stupid UW cancelling all alumni pages it hosted.... *grumble*. So, it's been a while, and I've continued updating the pages in the meantime. Most notably, most dromaeosaurids have been added- Mahakala, Bambiraptor, Sinornithosaurus, Paronychodon, Microraptor, Adasaurus, Pyroraptor, Luanchuanraptor, "Dromaeosaurus" gracilis, Ornithodesmus, Variraptor, Achillobator, Dromaeosauroides and Zapsalis. There's a ton of info on Microraptor and Paronychodon specifically. The entries for Velociraptor, Deinonychus, Dromaeosaurus and Utahraptor are placeholders with incomplete information. Also, Hulsanpes was added and unenlagiines were moved to Dromaeosauridae since my analyses are now recovering that. Also important is that Eoraptor, Herrerasaurus, Staurikosaurus, Alwalkeria and Chindesaurus were brought into the main cladogram (from the currently offline non-theropods section) based on a new supermatrix I made. That supermatrix (see here- suggests I should revise other parts of the main cladogram as well, but right now I'm more concerned with getting my site back online.

7-24-07- Troodontidae is complete! Sooo many teeth... Also added Nuthetes, Yixianosaurus, Yaverlandia, "Ornithomimus" tenuis, "Paleopteryx" and numerous unnamed eumaniraptorans and dromaeosaurids. Completely revised Richardoestesia as well. "Bayosaurus" gets a species name.

7-06-07- Added all alvarezsaurid taxa, plus the Romanian Bradycneme and Elopteryx.

7-03-07- Wow, no updates in six months?! First of all I have a new address, which should be stable now that I've graduated. The updates are quite extensive. Information from Nesbitt et al. (2007) has been incorporated, which mostly affected coelophysoids, kicking "Cinizasaurus" out of Theropoda, and adding "Comanchesaurus" and "Revueltoraptor". Lophostropheus was added, while Coelophysis and Zupaysaurus received updates. In Ceratosauria, "Bayosaurus" and Vitakridrinda were added, while abelisaurid phylogeny was changed and Majungasaurus information expanded thanks to the new monograph on that taxon. The Coelophysoidea and Ceratosauria sections have also been revised with the new locality-specific format. Microvenator? "chagyabi" was added as well, since I added M. celer. In Coelurosauria, the newly described Sinocalliopteryx and Aniksosaurus were added. Therizinosauroidea was updated and importantly, Oviraptorosauria is now complete! The latter includes extensive information on several taxa. Urbacodon and several unnamed troodontids were added. In fact, a lot of Middle Asian maniraptoriform info was added to the site. Shanag was added to Microraptoria. Some basic information was added on confuciusornithids, but their entries are in progress. Also important is that Enantiornithes is complete! At least as far as named taxa go. This included a complete reworking of "Gobipipus", which had to be moved from Aves.

12-23-06- Agnostiphys and Chindesaurus added to the theropod cladogram (Yates, 2006). Dracovenator, "Tyrannosaurus" "lanpingensis", Allosaurus europaeus, Juravenator, Saurornitholestes robustus, Tsaagan, Cerebavis, Elsornis, Dalingheornis, Archaeorhynchus and Asiahesperornis added. Portuguese Ceratosaurus and Torvosaurus specimens updated (Mateus et al., 2006). Megalosaurid material updated and Spinosaurus size reconsidered. Mirischia moved to Tyrannosauroidea (Naish online, 2004). Tyrannosauroidea completely reworked, largely after Carr (2005), including extensive information on Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. Hebeiornis made a senior synonym of Vescornis (Mortimer, DML 2006). Enantiornithes phylogeny slightly changed (Chiappe et al., 2006). Neornithine phylogeny expanded. I've also started redesigning the format for taxon entries to show the formations individual specimens were discovered in, which involves bolding the locality data in order to increase readability. Only some taxa (e.g. tyrannosaurines) are updated in this manner at the moment.

6-04-06- Gallimimus "mongoliensis", Sinornithosaurus haoiana, S. millenii and Dalianraptor added. Updated Fukuiraptor.

5-17-06- Complete overhaul of Coelophysoidea, based largely on Tykoski (2005). Cryolophosaurus, "Dilophosaurus" sinensis and Sinosaurus moved to Tetanurae. Ceratosaurus updated. Dubreuillosaurus updated. Major update for carcharodontosaurids, including adding Mapusaurus and improving the Carcharodontosaurus entry. Sigilmassasaurus separated from the latter, additional unnamed carnosaurs added. Guanlong added. Unnamed therizinosaurs added, Inosaurus entry updated. Hagryphus added. Nemegtomaia updated. "Hebeiornis" and Dapingfangornis added. Minor additions to various taxa. About The Author page updated (I'm working at a museum now!).

12-19-05- Sereno's (2005) definitions and commentary added. Many preferred definitions changed. Some taxonomy changed. Paravian and ornithuromorph phylogeny changed. Unenlagiinae, Unenlagia, Buitreraptor, Hebeiornis, Rahonavis, Hongshanornis, "Archaeorhychus", Novacaesareala, Torotix and unnamed cormorants added. Liliensternus sp. and Erectopus entry updated.

10-07-05- Theropoda page with two taxa added. Protoavis and Sinosaurus added, Camposaurus synonymized with Coelophysis, and several coelophysid entries updated. Ceratosauroidea page with thirty-six taxa added. Kakuru and Coelurus added, and Tanycolagreus updated. Oviraptorosauria page with Shixinggia and Nemegtia added. Cretaaviculus, Hesperornis crassipes and Novacaesareala added to cladogram. Alwalkeria (basal saurischian and crocodylomorph(?) chimaera), Shuvosaurus (suchian) and Eucoelophysis ('silesaurid') removed. New section added for taxa no longer considered to be theropods. Organization page updated. Minor updates to a few taxa.

5-08-05- Falcarius and Therizinosauria added. Minor phylogenetic rearranging of Oviraptorosauria and Troodontidae.

4-28-05- Tyrannotitan added, and Carcharodontosaurus updated.

3-31-05- Enhanced entries for Appalachiosaurus and Jinfengopteryx since I recieved copies of their descriptions.

3-29-05- Xinjiangovenator, "Koreanosaurus", Jinfengopteryx and Appalachiosaurus added. Tugulusaurus updated (Rauhut and Xu, 2005), and several basal coelurosaurs added.

2-28-05- Carnosauria and most taxa added. Neuquenraptor added, and minor phylogenetic and taxonomic rearranging. About the Author updated.

2-11-05- Coelophysoidea, Ceratosauria and most included taxa added. Phylogenetic and taxonomic rearranging.

2-02-05- Pedopenna added.

1-24-05- Megalosauroidea and all included taxa added.

1-21-05- Vegavis added.

1-15-05- Becklespinax, Dandakosaurus, Kaijiangosaurus, "Merosaurus", "Saltriosaurus", Valdoraptor, "Walkersaurus", "Allosaurus" tendagurensis, Condorraptor, "Szechuanoraptor", Xuanhanosaurus and some unnamed basal tetanurines added.

12-04-04- Phylogeny of Coelophysoidea updated, "Merosaurus" moved to Tetanurae (Carrano and Sampson, 2004).

12-03-04- Taxonomy and phylogeny updates for basal Tetanurae (Holtz et al., 2004), Tyrannosauroidea (Holtz, 2004) and Oviraptorosauria (Osmolska et al., 2004). Aliwalia removed (sauropodomorph). Dromiceiomimus removed (=Ornithomimus). Megalosaurus? "cachuensis", Ilerdopteryx, Praeornis, Rinchenia, Yaverlandia and Coronaves added.

10-25-2004- Dilong, Mei and Vescornis added. One taxon per day, yessiree...

9-08-2004- "Laelaps" explanatus (to the cladogram), Microraptoria, Ichthyornis, Apatornis, Iaceornis, Austinornis and several ornithuromorph clades added. "Ingenia" placed in quotations to signify preoccupation of genus by the nematode Ingenia mirabilis. Ichthyornis dispar changed to I. anceps, reflecting synonymies in Clarke (2004). Rearranged some taxa, based on Senter et al. (2004), Naish and Dyke (2004), Novas and Agnolin (2004), Novas et al. (2004) and results of my analysis.

8-10-2004- Coelurosauria page added. Mirischia, and updated tyrannosaurid data from Erickson et al., (2004)..

6-14-2004- Aves page added. Sinornithomimus, Anserimimus, Ceramornis, Gallornis, Gobipipus, Laornis, Palaeotringa, "Palaeotringa" vetus, a few unnamed avians.

6-9-2004- Ornithomimosauria page added. Saurornithoides and an unnamed ornithomimine.

Before that- other taxa.